Rainy Day

I figured I'd show my work methods here. Why not? It's a blog. So a few months ago I bought a multimedia sketchbook. Best thing I ever did. I really prefer to work on smooth paper, even with watercolor. I struggled a lot with the sketch (something I shouldn't be doing in a sketchbook). I was working on composition and knew that I wanted a different point of view to play with. The left hand corner I left blank until the very end when I threw in a person. The main focus is the girl, so she had to be corralled in, so that's what he is there for.  Since I'm cheap and Michael's isn't that convenient for me to get to, I used my non waterproof ink. I originally bought it to play with sepia painting, which hasn't happened. So I had to finish the watercolor first and then do ink on top. It's a good thing watercolor dries so fast because I attacked it with the ink pen so soon afterward. I actually really didn't like what was happening. I kind of preferred the way I had just made outlines with watercolor. But I'm definitely not a light-handed artist. I finished before bed as usual, and then in the morning I was like "this is awesome". Amazing how sleep can make artwork so much better. :)

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