Midnight Escape - in progress

This one is causing me some grief, but it's a process.  The Painter file I'm working on now actually looks quite different from this rough.  I stretched out the composition to landscape view, and added major contrast.  It's a mess with the architecture though, so I've got black lines crisscrossing everywhere - and while I like to show my creative process, even I'm not comfortable showing that mess on my blog just yet. 
A lot of my work originates from stories I am currently writing or have yet to write.  This story to this painting I have yet to write (I am writing the companion novel to it right now).  I won't go into all the details of the plot but suffice it to say that it's midnight and it's curfew - and our protagonist has to cross the bridge to the girls' dormitories before it disappears!  Not only that, but life-sucking monsters prowl the misty streets below! 

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