Monster in the Closet

    Here you can see a rough under-painting below (painted with actual gouache on illustration board).  The one above is the semi-finished one done in Corel painter from the scanned rough.  I love line work, and at heart I am a draw-er not a painter.  I have done some pretty nice paintings, but doing them always felt more like filling-in lines with color and not actually painting.  So I'll leave the painting to those true painters out there.  They have a technique and style I'll always envy, and how they can make random brushstrokes and dabs of color become actual pictures, without the guidance of lines, is just beyond me. 
    The painting on the left was the first painting I attempted right after graduation.  I was going to fly into that full-scale-painting mode I enjoyed while in school..  and then it sat on my drafting table for months, stayed in a 'projects' folder on my desk for a few more, and finally sat on an easel directly in front of my workspace until in a fit of impatience I threw it on my scanner - to finish by digital means.  The process took hardly more than an hour in Corel Painter.  I am so converted to digital painting!

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